Appeal Citation Online

The information that you submit in connection with this process will be remotely
reviewed by the Oshkosh Police Department at a later date. Please note that you
will not have the opportunity to directly interact, either by video, on-line
chat or the like, with the Oshkosh Police Department during this process.


What to Expect

Your citation review request must be received within 30 calendar days of receiving the citation. The review of the citation is conducted by representatives of the City Police Department. Once your appeal is submitted, a temporary suspension is placed on your citation and no further penalties or enforcement action will take place until the review is completed.

Based on the information provided with your appeal, we will determine if there is sufficient proof to rule that:

• Violation did not occur
• Registered owner was not responsible
• If there were extenuating circumstances.

The City will send an email notification regarding the outcome of the review to the address provided. If the review of the citation finds that the appeal is denied, the customer will be notified of additional options.

What defenses may not be raised during a challenge?

• I only parked in that space for a few minutes.
• I didn’t see the sign.
• I’m not familiar with parking regulations.
• I did not intend to park illegally.
• There aren't enough legal/convenient parking spaces.
• No one else received a citation.
• I have never received a citation before in the area.
• The fine is too much.


Please enter in the information exactly as it appears on the citation. Do not include any spaces or special characters (such as a hyphen). Also, please note that updates to this website may cause saved links and bookmarks to this webpage to be invalid.