Contest Ticket Online

What to Expect

Your request for administrative review must be received within 10 calendar days of the citation being issued. Once your appeal is submitted, a temporary suspension is placed on your citation and no further penalties or enforcement action will take place until the review is completed. Once your request is received, an attorney from the Office of Parking Adjudication will conduct the review. Based on the information provided with your appeal, we will determine if there is sufficient proof to rule that:

  • Violation did not occur
  • Registered owner was not responsible
  • If there were extenuating circumstances

The City will send written notification regarding the outcome of the review to the email address provided. If you experience difficulty submitting your request, please contact (703) 746-3974 for assistance. If the initial review finds that the citation is "Upheld" the customer will be notified of additional options, and a $10 adjudication fee will be added to the amount of the citation.

Each contested ticket must be submitted individually.

Please enter in the information exactly as it appears on the ticket. Do not include any spaces or special characters (such as a hyphen). Also, please note that updates to this website may cause saved links and bookmarks to this webpage to be invalid.