Contest Your Parking Citation Online


Enter the entire set of digits under "Issue No." from the citation. If the first digit of the issue number starts with a "0" (zero), do not enter the "0", only enter all digits that follow the "0".
  • For plates with specialized symbols or no license plate, enter VIN in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) field instead
  • If the license plate has a letter “O” and you get an error message, replace with the number “0” or enter VIN in the VIN field
  • If you are still encountering problems with entering your license plate number, please call 916-808-8500 (Mon-Fri, click for hours)

Contests must be received or postmarked within 21 calendar days of citation issue date. Payment is not required to place a citation on contest.

Contests are reviewed in the order received. Depending on the volume of contests, decisions may take from 90 days to six months. Results will be mailed to the address provided.

Inquiries may be directed to (916) 808-8500 (Monday - Friday, click for hours).

Online submission must have evidence attached, if you do not have capability to scan your evidence, then you may not use online contest option. If you submit an online review, the decision will be based on the information provided. You may not submit additional information once a citation is on review.